Kitty Rescued by Dog and Became Best Friends

Kitty Rescued by Dog and Became Best Friends


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Milo the kitty loves his dog as his best friend and the mother he never had. They have been together inseparable since day one.

"The story of Buddy and Milo starts in northern New York on a fishing trip on the St. Laurence River. Buddy found a tiny kitten under some bushes. That tiny cat was very noisy, you couldn't miss him. He was named Milo and that little cat and the 95 pound dog have been the best of friends ever since. We believe that (Milo) thinks Buddy is his mother. Now about three years later the cat is over 17 pounds and Buddy is 8 years old at 100 pounds. They are still the best of friends," said Richie.

Story and photo courtesy of ©Richie (flickr: roundapple).

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