Kitty with Cleft Palate in Good Hands

Kitty with Cleft Palate in Good Hands


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His name is Oriole who was born last weekend to a rescue cat mama. Not only is he the only ginger in his litter, the little guy was born with a cleft palate, but luckily he is in good hands now.

"I've had to take him from mom (he'll aspirate her milk up his nose and down his lungs if left to nurse). He's being tube-fed formula every 2 hours, kept warm with a microwavable clay thing wrapped in a blanket, and stimulated to urinate/defecate with a wet warm cotton ball. After his skull stops growing so rapidly (about 5 months old), he'll have surgery to correct the cleft palate," said Oriole's foster mom.

Oriole, 1 day old foster

He is the only ginger in his litter

Oriole is with a full belly, empty bladder, and newly microwaved warmy. He has a cleft palate and is currently being tube-fed every 2 hours.

Oriole, 4 days old, is happy, warm and growing fast!

Photos via tumblr.

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