Little Bengal Foster Bonded with an Orphan Kitten

Little Bengal Foster Bonded with an Orphan Kitten


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Rocky and Ziggy shared a lovely friendship when they were at their foster home. Kimberly J who has fostered many little fuzzballs, introduced the palm-sized baby to Ziggy, a Bengal foster boy [Ziggy and her mother's rescue story].

Ziggy couldn't wait for Rocky to grow bigger so they could wrestle and chase each other. He would watch Rocky eat and offer help when she was nursing. He tried to be a care taker to Rocky while playing at the same time. Ziggy was happy to have a little sister to play with and Rocky was glad to have somebody to cuddle and snuggle with.

When Ziggy found his forever home, Rocky was still too tiny to be adopted out, but both Ziggy and Rocky found wonderful homes where they get to play with other kitties while running their house like a prince and a princess :).

Ziggy now named Ruti is a big boy. Rocky now named Rockstar is all grown up and absolutely gorgeous.

Photos courtesy of ©Kimberly Jennery (blog: Kimberly's kittens)

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