Little Calico Stray Charli Learns to Trust and Love Again

Little Calico Stray Charli Learns to Trust and Love Again


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A little stray calico kitten was spotted wandering in a parking lot. She was very hungry and scared until a kind person found her and helped her trust again.

"Meet Charli, the stray-to-pet calico kitten," the rescuer wrote via reddit. "I found her, afraid and starving, in my work's parking lot."

It took her a long time, a lot of patience and some food to gain the kitten's trust. When the calico girl finally came out from hiding under a car, the rescuer knew she had to help the kitty and take her home. What happened next warmed her heart....

It's hard to believe that she's the same scared kitten from the parking lot. "She's a lot healthier (and happier) now!"

She's learned how much she loves ear scritches.

And she can't get enough of it. Once the kitten knows what's like to be loved, she pays it back in spades.

Regarding the scar on her face, "We think she may have gotten in a fight and it's a battle scar. It's been healing nicely though. The fur is even starting to grow back there."

Charli is now a lap kitty and that's her favorite spot!

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