Little Feisty Rescued Tabby and Her Many Antics

Little Feisty Rescued Tabby and Her Many Antics


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This little rescued tabby named Wakaba came to her foster home when she was only a few weeks old. She is quite a tomboy who is feisty and loves to challenge other cats to wrestle with her especially those that are bigger than her.

When other cats are relaxing, lying comfortably on the floor, she will attack them from behind, then once they are spooked, she will dash away like a little dart. Wakaba seems to have endless amount of energy. She runs around the house and climbs whatever she can grab. There is no stopping her. She is curious about everything and will investigate anything within her sight. Her eyes are always open wide as if she is constantly looking for new things to play with.

Wakaba can be quite a handful sometimes, but her silly little antics and larger than life purrsonality is keeping everyone in the house very entertained. Today Wakaba is having a blast and is very spoiled in her forever loving home.

Photos courtesy of ©Momo rescue group (もも組). Check out their blog here.

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