Little Girl's Reaction When Told She Can Keep Her Foster Kitten - Get Your Tissues Ready!

Little Girl's Reaction When Told She Can Keep Her Foster Kitten - Get Your Tissues Ready!


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Caelyn had been fostering little Hector since the day they rescued him. On Christmas day, Caelyn received the Christmas gift that she had prayed for. Get your tissues ready!

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Mel wrote via YouTube: "On Friday the 13th 2013 our family travelled to the city to pick up two starving, dirty and scared kittens who needed a place to stay.

Upon arrival we were greeting by the kittens ‘room mate’, another kitten without a home. He was the color of snow.

The snowy kitten proudly walked over and presented himself to us by uttering the loudest ‘meow’ we had ever heard.

We picked him up to greet him. As soon as he was in our arms he sat still, purred and stared into our eyes.

We had only volunteered to foster two kittens but this white kitten refused to be left behind.

My seven year old daughter cooed to the now named ‘Hector’ the whole way home. Their bond was instant and undeniable.

Caelyn has spent every day caring for Hector and his foster siblings. With every meal and cuddle the bond grew stronger between Caelyn and her Hector.

We only ever wanted to foster kittens and offer them a place to stay until they could find a forever home, we never intended to have a second forever cat.

We constantly reminded Caelyn that Hector was only ours to foster but we had to accept that the two of them were now cemented as best friends.

We just didn’t have the heart to separate Caelyn and Hector - they ate together, napped together and above all played together.

After alot of talks we decided that yes, as the parents were prepared to allow Hector to stay forever. We as a family were prepared to care for another cat for life.

On Christmas day we told Caelyn that Hector no longer needed to find a home. He was home!"

Watch this heart warming video:

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