Little Rescue Kitten And Her New Protective Brother

Little Rescue Kitten And Her New Protective Brother


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A two month old kitten Samus is a miracle kitty who has been through many health battles in life. When she finally moved into her new home, she was welcomed by a 1 year old ginger cat named Chazz who took to Samus like a brother.

When Chazz met Samus, it was as if he knew that the little kitten could use some extra comfort and love. The two have become inseparable ever since.

"She seems perfectly happy now," said Justin G. "They're both so funny and play together all the time."

Chazz the ginger took to a little 2 month old kitten who needed some extra TLC.

He began to look after him like a brother.

They eat together...

chill and play together...

Chazz guards his little sister when she sleeps.

They are totally inseparable!

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