Little Rescued Ginger Minoru

Little Rescued Ginger Minoru


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Little Minoru was rescued along with his four other siblings in early June this year. They were born in a farmhouse but luckily were found by a rescue group from Japan. "As I was driving them home after picking them up, we went into a traffic jam for nearly 2 hours. I was worried about the kittens and wanted to make sure they were ok," said the rescuer. Luckily, all the kittens arrived at their foster home safely.

Minoru is one of the leaders in his foster home. He loves to venture with one of his siblings and create mischief in the house. One of his favorite activities is to play with the older cats' tails. He takes a lot of pride when he is able to snatch one and starts biting and bunny kicking it.

Minoru is always curious and does not stops playing. His foster parents prepare a lot of toys for the whole gang, but he is always the one that tries to grab the toys the first. He and Sakura, his calico sister, are two little rascals who like to work together, wreaking havoc at the house.

It's wonderful for the foster parents see how much he has grown and how happy he is today. "For me it's so rewarding when I see them healthy, happy and thriving. I am so glad that I was able to be there for them when they needed me the most."

Photos courtesy of ©Momo rescue group もも組.

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