Lovely Rescue Story of Akiho the White Baby

Lovely Rescue Story of Akiho the White Baby


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Akiho is a beautiful white kitty who was rescued back in the fall of 2008. She was very scaredy when she was found and kept hiding in a spot after she arrived in her foster home.

But slowly and steadily, Akiho came out of her shell and was getting happier and more playful day by day. She bonded with other fosters in the house and began to play-fight with them. Sometimes she would stalk one of them and suddenly pounce to show off her incredible hunting skills.

Akiho is a mischievous and curious little girl. She loves to jump on high places. One time she managed to get on top of the indoor air-conditioning unit and did not know how to get down. Luckily she got help from her foster mom. The little one was curious about everything she found in the house. When her foster mom gave her a feather toy, it became her instant favorite. Perhaps that was the very first toy she ever received, but definitely not the last.

Akiho has found a forever loving home where she lives with another rescue, Beberu. They are BFF and totally inseparable.

Photos courtesy of ©Momo rescue group もも組. Chobi's blog here. Check out updates of Akiho today here.

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