Man Comes Home To Find Cat Waiting In His House But He Doesn't Own a Cat


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A man was shocked when he came home from work and found a cat sitting in his chair, meowing.

"I don't own a cat."


The San Diego man was running late for work that day and left a window open by accident. When he returned from work, he was shocked to find a tabby cat chillin' comfortably in his house as if he'd lived there all his life.

"(I was) very surprised. He just meowed and looked up at me," Nigel (@Nigeltown) told Love Meow. "He must have come in through the open window."

The kitty didn't have a collar and started meowing and following Nigel around.


He thought the kitty must be hungry so ran to the nearby store to get some kitty food and supplies.

"Lil Gato was so happy. He was meowing and purring as he ate," he said.


"I left for a bit to canvas the neighborhood. None of my neighbors have any cats."

He took the kitty to the vet the next day but they couldn't find a microchip. The vet treated him for worms and fleas and got him shots and medical care that he needed.


The kitty responded to Gato and Buddy so the names stuck.

Buddy quickly felt at home. When he discovered the bathroom, he jumped right into the tub.


"Gato immediately took to his new surroundings and sits on or around me whenever he needs a break from tearing around my place."


Over the following week, Nigel continued to talk to the neighbors, but no one came to claim the kitty or knew anything about him.

Buddy grew more and more attached to his human.


"He's an amazing little guy, very level-headed," Nigel told Love Meow.

Buddy knows he's home!


"He seems to love his new place. My Buddy boy. He adopted me."


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