Man Comes to Work to Find Stray Cat Who Picked Their Place to Have Babies on Thanksgiving Eve


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On Thanksgiving Eve, a stray cat was found at a local Salvation Army facility but she wasn't alone. The sweet torbie surprised the staff there with her litter of newborn kittens.

Meet Mama Faith and her babies!

The Cat House On The Kings

A staffer from the Salvation Army Men's Adult Rehabilitation Center in Selma, California, discovered a beautiful cat mama along with her four kittens. He was surprised by the sudden clowder of squeakers. His wife happily named the mama Faith.

"The kittens were born on Thanksgiving Eve. Faith is a gorgeous ticked tabby with just a bright spot of orange on her head, which makes her a Torbie," Harvie Schreiber of the Cat House on the King told Love Meow.

The couple reached out to The Cat House on the Kings, a cat rescue and sanctuary in Parlier, California, so Mama Faith and her kittens could receive the care they needed and get a better chance at a loving home.

The Cat House On The Kings

"Faith is absolutely the sweetest mom cat we've had in a while. She is so loving and so devoted to her kittens," Karla Cortez, Cat House on the Kings Kitten Quarters Supervisor, said.

"We've got overnight temperatures dipping into the low 40s and upper 30s this time of year, which is why it's so fortunate that these kittens (and their mom) were found and rescued before it was too late!"

The Cat House On The Kings

This isn't the first time that The Cat House on the Kings has rescued from one of the local Salvation Army facilities. Last year, a wonderfully mustached kitten named "Sally Ann" who was found in a donation box, was saved and adopted via the rescue.

Mama Faith gives her babies unconditional love and undivided attention. Now they have a roof over their heads, a warm bed to snuggle in and plenty of good food for mama to replenish. Faith purrs up a storm in gratitude.

The Cat House On The Kings

The kittens have grown so much in just one week.

The little Thanksgiving miracles are thriving in foster care. Mama is very proud!

The Cat House On The Kings

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