Man Falls in Love with a Shelter Cat. He Tells the Story in Pictures


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This man fell in love with a shelter cat, Soren the tiger, and he tells the story in pictures.

"My girlfriend was just visiting the humane society when she saw him. She told me I HAD to see this kitten. So of course, I went," Erik wrote via imgur. "We played with him for close to two hours, then he got a little sleepy." That's when he knew he couldn't let the kitty go.

"The next day, I bought him home."

They found little Soren at the shelter...

After two hours of playtime, Soren got a little sleepy and fell asleep in his arms. That's when he knew he couldn't let the little guy go.

So the next day, they brought him home.

They bonded.

Soren quickly made himself at home.

"This is mine now!" 

He's always there to give his dad a helping paw.

Soren loves the blanket! "This was the blanket we gave him when we brought him home..."

All grown up now! Soren's dad wrote: "He's always by my side, like a good friend should be."

Photos via imgur.

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