Man Found Tiniest Kitten While Working on a Car and Knew He Had to Help...

Man Found Tiniest Kitten While Working on a Car and Knew He Had to Help...


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A man found a tiny newborn kitten while he was working on a car. "We are best friends now."

Meet little Moogy and her rescuer Kyle!


It was a Saturday at an automative repair shop in Houston, Kyle was working on a car when suddenly he discovered the tiniest little furry creature he had ever seen.

"I pulled the front wheel well liner out of a Volkswagen Jetta not very carefully and out fell what I immediately assumed to be a rat," Kyle told Love Meow.

He was spooked at first but quickly went back to investigate when he heard a small "mew." "Naturally cats are a magnetic force for me."


What he found was a tiny kitten still with her umbilical cord attached, eyes closed and she just kept crying and crying.

"I ripped off my work shirt like a superman and assembled a bed in my hat, scooped the little baby up into it and set her on my toolbox."


As a cat lover, he saw it as a mission to help the little buddy thrive, so right away he contacted a friend who works at an animal clinic for some help.

After receiving some basic instructions to care for the kitten while he was at work, he sprang into action.

"I proceeded to not do my job at work at all, instead I verified no other kittens were in the vehicle and retraced every step I could to try and find mama or other kittens but nothing," Kyle told Love Meow.


He went to the pet supply store and bought a bottle and some KMR, and off he went to his friend's to learn how to feed the kitten and care for her. When he got home, he set up a cardboard box with blankets and towels so cozy that the kitten snuggled and fell asleep in it.

"My wife, my mother in law, and I spent hours reading online from multiple sources how to care for an orphaned kitten, combined everything we had learned to make a sensible care plan.

"The next day I went to the vet and got her checked out... I started our every 3 hour feedings, pooping and peeing before and after meals and sometimes in between."


In order to make sure the kitten has someone to look after her around the clock, Kyle takes her to work every day. "She comes to work with me, then we go home, she goes where I go and does what I do (lately all that's been is sleep)," Kyle told Love Meow.

"She's a ball of energy and feels stronger every time she eats. It is exhausting, but I regret nothing and will do anything to ensure her survival."

Moogy is a little more than two weeks old now, her eyes have opened, and she clings to her cat dad every day, feeling happy and loved!


Update: Two months later!

Moogy and her Boyfriend :).

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