Rescue Cat Becomes Dad to Foster Kitten and Teaches Him How to Love


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A tiny ginger boy who was born to a stray cat, didn't know what it was like to have a cat dad until another ginger cat took to him and started raising him like his own.

Meet Boli and Sony!

Courtesy: Cristina Piapia

Boli was one of the six kittens born to a stray cat rescued by an animal lover, Cristina Piapia, in Spain, who also rescued Sony when he was looking for a home.

When Sony met his mini version in Boli, it was love at first sight. He began to groom him and even helped Aysha the mama cat look after her baby whenever possible.

Courtesy: Cristina Piapia

"Sony is very close to Boli," Piapia told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Cristina Piapia via YouTube

As Boli grew more like his adopted father, he learned quite a few things from him.

Courtesy: Cristina Piapia

He learned to care for other animals in need.

Here Sony is passing his loving, nurturing and caring nature to his beloved son. Boli cuddles with Fa, a tiny orphaned baby.

Courtesy: Cristina Piapia

As Piapia brings in more rescue kittens to foster, Boli offers a paw to look after the babies.

He's a very good dad to all his foster kittens.

Courtesy: Cristina Piapia

Boli cuddles with them whenever they need a hug.

Courtesy: Cristina Piapia

He even found his very own mini-me :).

"Everything will be ok, little one."

Courtesy: Cristina Piapia

Boli never left his foster home. It became his forever home.

The rescue babies adore their foster dad and reciprocate it with love.

Courtesy: Cristina Piapia

Sony the rescue showed Boli how to love. Now Boli is doing the same to those in need. Share this story and share the love!

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