Kitten Left Behind by His Cat Mom, Found a New Cat Dad


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A 4-week-old kitten was left behind by his cat mother in a parking lot but a tabby cat took to him and started caring for him like his own.

Meet Momo and Romeo the cat dad!

Courtesy: Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

"Momo was abandoned by his mother in my office parking lot when he was about 4 weeks old," Anna (flickr: hapatxn) told Love Meow. She regularly volunteers for a cat rescue group.

Her coworker called her right away after he found the kitten under a company's truck. "I saw a tiny white puff-ball sticking out of his jacket," she said.

The guy had been keeping the kitten warm all morning until she arrived.

Courtesy: Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

The kitten reeked of skunk. "I realized why his mama had abandoned him… the little rascal had been sprayed by a skunk," Anna told Love Meow.

She took the baby home and planned to foster him until they could find him a good home.

"But that was not meant to be."

Courtesy: Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

As soon as Anna brought Momo home, her resident cat Romeo was desperate to get to the kitten.

"He took one sniff, licked the kitten head to toe, and they have been best buddies ever since," Anna told Love Meow.

Romeo adopted Momo and they became his family for life.

Courtesy: Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

The name Momo means "peach" in Japanese. "Because he was so fuzzy and sweet."

Romeo lays down the law!

Courtesy: Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

Romeo took on the father role and doted on his kitten with a lot of cuddles, baths and more baths.

Keeping clean and well groomed is not a choice. It's a must according to Romeo.

Courtesy: Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

In the years that followed, Momo became Romeo's shadow. They were always together, totally inseparable.

"They were stuck like glue!"

Courtesy: Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

A father's love never ceases, no matter how much his child has grown.

Courtesy: Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

"This is what Momo's heaven looks like."

Courtesy: Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

Momo loves his cat dad so much!

Courtesy: Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

Momo found love in Romeo who was also a rescue himself. He gave his adopted son the love that he received when he was rescued by his human.

Courtesy: Anna (flickr: hapatxn)

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