Man Gives These Shelter Cats Unusual 'Likes' And 'Dislikes' To Help Find Them Homes..


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A man came up with an idea to give these shelter cats unusual "Likes" and "Dislikes" to help them get adopted!

Obvious Plant

Jeff Wysaski, a cat dad and comedian, decided to do something different for the kitties from his local animal shelter to help them find their forever homes. Some of these cats have been waiting for way too long!

"Every year, 2.7 million cats go unadopted. To help out my local adoption center in Los Angeles, I stealthily placed these cat biography cards on their front window," Jeff said via Boredpanda.

"All of these cats are real and need a home! Check out Sante D'Or Adoption Center for more info on each cat."

Obvious Plant

"This is part of my ongoing project, Obvious Plant, in which I sneak funny signs into the real world," Jeff said.


Obvious Plant


Obvious Plant


Obvious Plant


Obvious Plant


Obvious Plant


Obvious Plant


Obvious Plant


Obvious Plant

"The kitties are still looking for homes," Sante D'Or told Love Meow.

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