Man Rescues Cat From Empty House While Touring Properties. 'Didn't Buy House. Did Take Cat'


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A man rescued a cat from an empty house he visited while touring properties with a realtor. "House was empty, but smelled funny. Found a full litter box in the kitchen and a cat with cabin fever on the 2nd floor. Didn't buy house. Did take cat. His name is Scoopy," said brianadler via reddit.

"He was hiding in the shadows and had been sleeping in a duffel bag in the closet. Scoopy was starved for attention. He drooled all over me and had gnawed all the fur off his forearms. His fur was matted and he was very obese. He was very happy to be petted.


The Realtor called the owner who said she had tried to find him a home, but no one would take him. She had been stopping by the property to feed him and change the litter box three times a week. I'm not sure how long Scoopy had been alone like that. The property has been on the market since September.

I brought Scoopy home. I couldn't in good conscience leave him alone in that house. The owner was grateful and said I could take him."

Scoopy hasn't stopped purring since they brought him home. "I went to PetCo and asked the very jovial clerk what she recommended for diet food. She suggested this brand and a can of fruit. Scoopy likes it well enough."

More info: reddit.

"Didn't buy house. Did take cat. His name is Scoopy."


"His fur was matted and he was very obese. He was very happy to be petted." Here they are helping Scoopy trim his matted fur.


"Scoopy didn't like being brushed below the equator and would impulsively chew his forearms." So they gave him a catnip carrot to play with. He loved it.


Scoopy learning to get along with other cats in the house.


"Scoopy goes to the vet. He had a check up and got shots for both rabies and leukemia, just to be safe. The vet said the skin irritation on his back was caused by fleas.We haven't seen any, but bought Frontline for all three cats, just to be safe."


This is Scoopy now!


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