Mimi, the Clingy Little Kitty

Mimi, the Clingy Little Kitty


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Mimi was a very clingy little girl from the day she met her mom for the first time. "I picked her up off the street. That's probably why she needed that extra TLC from us," said Mimi's mom, Bobby.

Mimi was only several weeks old when she was found on April 28th. She was a very friendly little kitten and quickly adjusted to her new home.

"I introduced little teddy, a stuffed animal to Mimi and she sniffed around it and then greeted it with a headbutt. Daddy made a temporary bed for her to nest in. She snuggled right in. When daddy used the computer, she stayed on his lap and fell asleep."

"She loves to be held and cuddled. When she is sitting on my lap and looking at me with those adorable eyes, I simply forget about everything else in this world. Whenever I use my laptop, Mimi wants to be part of it. She loves to ask for attention while I am typing or sleep in front of the keyboard, so I can pet her."

Mimi is around five months old today. "She's such a rascal, but she has brought so much joy into the family and we are truly thankful to have her in our lives."

Photos courtesy of ©Bobby.

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