Ming the Mischievous and Smart Tortie Girl

Ming the Mischievous and Smart Tortie Girl


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Ming is a vivacious tortie girl who has been the ruler of the house since the day she came. Ming met Ling, a white fluffy kitty when they were around 2 months old. The two bonded instantly. It didn't take long for them to roll around on the floor, play fighting with each other.

Ming is very sensitive to sound. When she hears something, she will seek it out and trace the source. If she hears a paper bag, she dives in it to hide until someone passes by, then she'd give that person a little surprise.

There is an aquarium in the family, and Ming likes to sneak up on it, spanning the top to get ready to go fishing. When someone comes into the room, she will put on an innocent look and pretend that she is only drinking water from the aquarium. Very tricky.

Ming is the dominant one who can be feisty at times especially around Ling, but the two always make up afterwards.

In the house, Ming is the boss. She owns whatever she has her paws on. When the family is watching TV and want to have the channel changed, they will have to ask Ming who controls the usage of the remote. But she is always happy to give you affection and attention if you need it.

Photos courtesy of Toggie.

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