Minik the Blind Wonder Cat

Minik the Blind Wonder Cat


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Minik is a wonder cat. He can't see, but that's ok. He has adapted to his surroundings and knows exactly where everything is located in the house, "and walks around and under everything," according to reddit user crater14.

Minik had his eyes removed when he was a baby. The ginger boy is a trooper. He can do everything cats with vision can, and he even plays fetch with his human dad with incredible skills. Minik is blind, but he doesn't think he is any different. In fact, he's a very happy cat, who "likes everyone, no matter what they look like."

Meet Minik. He loves to sleep...

...check out what's outside...

and "play" with his doggie friends

But Minik is very special...

He knows his surroundings and has memorized where all the furniture pieces are.

He even plays fetch.

Photos via imgur (more pictures).

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