Miracle Kitten Finds New Protective Brother

Miracle Kitten Finds New Protective Brother


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Samus is a miracle kitty who has fought against illness since the day she was born. She's now fully recovered and has found a little brother of a different mother who is very protective of her. It is as if he knows that she needs that extra love for what she's gone through.

When Samus was born, she had emergency hernia surgery and spent a few weeks recovering before she was able to move into her new home.

"She seems perfectly fine and happy now," said Justin G. via reddit. Chazz the 1 year old ginger cat took to the 2 month old kitten after they just met a couple of weeks ago. It was like love at first sight.

"They're both so funny and play together all the time," Justin added.

Samus the miracle kitten finds a new brother who is very protective of her

They eat together

He guards his little sister when she naps

They play together

A hug and a kiss from her brother

Though they were born in different litters, they are close like brother and sister.

They are inseparable!

Photos by Justin G and Katie. Follow Chazz and Samus on Instagram.

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