Mischievous Little Kitten Dongdong

Mischievous Little Kitten Dongdong


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Dongdong the kitten was found with a dirty nose but a larger-than-life purrsonality. What he never lacked was his playfulness and curiosity which is how his human mom fell in love with him. No one knows when exactly this little bundle of joy was born, but they estimated that he was about a few weeks old when he came to his new home. Dongdong which means active and hyper in Chinese, suits him perfectly as his little battery never runs out of juice. He's also brought out the inner child in his mom.

As soon as Dongdong settled down in his new home, he did not just walk around to explore, he ran and he jumped. "He was between 1 and 2 months of age, fluff all over his little body. Besides eating, he enjoys nibbling my hand especially during playtime. He is constantly jumping around the house as if there is a little monkey trapped inside of him," said Dongdong's mom.

One of Dongdong's favorite games is Hide and Seek. This happens when his mom gets in front of the computer and Dong thinks it's a good time to play. He climbs into the desk behind the keyboard. Whenever his mom tries to hit a key, he will try to grab her fingers while keeping himself hidden. What a mischievous little ninja!

"Can I have some privacy now?"

Dong decided that this is his bed

Dong ambushing behind the keyboard

Sweet little baby

Photos courtesy of ©Sugar.

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