Mondo the Tabby Given Second Chance: Amazing Transformation

Mondo the Tabby Given Second Chance: Amazing Transformation


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Mondo the kitty has come a long way since the day he was found. With a lot of love and care, the little tabby has made an incredible transformation.

"We found him in our front yard, probably laying in the spot he intended to die," said Schowey via reddit, who brought the kitty into their home. "He has become part of the family."

"He fits in nicely with our Doberman, African Grey parrot and gold fish pond. One more critter and I'll start charging people when they come to our petting zoo, aka house.... I have always believed that if you can help, you should... Mondo (the kitty) isn't the only one who has gotten something out of this situation. He brings us love and happiness," Schowey added.

2 months ago, on the day he was found. "His eyes and nose were completely matted shut with mucous and dirt and he was barely 1 pound. Skin and bones and absolutely no energy. The first week was bottle feedings and vet visits."

"A picture from about a week ago. Now he is over 3 pounds and only stops running around the house to eat (3-4 times a day!) and sleep."

Photos by Schowey via reddit.

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