Kitten Just Hours Old Found in a Shoe Box on the Road, is Brought Back from the Brink.

Kitten Just Hours Old Found in a Shoe Box on the Road, is Brought Back from the Brink.


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A tiny newborn kitten was brought to an animal hospital in Coral Springs, Florida last week, in need of a lot of TLC.

He was found in a shoe box in the middle of a busy road.

Tofuti was 82 grams when he first came in. A newborn kitten normally weighs around 100 grams.LemonAide Rescue

Tofuti the kitten was just hours old when a Good Samaritan spotted him and rushed him to Coral Springs Animal Hospital to get help.

"A nurse from the emergency department ran over and told me that Tofuti was found in a shoe box, that was open, in the middle of the road near a grocery store. It was one of the most heartbreaking stories I've heard or had in my rescue," Bryanna Rosario, vet nurse in the general practice department, told Love Meow.

The kitten hadn't been cleaned by his cat mother after birth and still had his sac attached. He was dirty and ice-cold. "The thermometer couldn't even pick up his temperature because it was so low."

LemonAide Rescue

After slowly warming him up, the listless kitten started to bounce back. Bryanna tried to give him a little bit of food but was worried that he might not take it. The little guy completely surprised her.

"Sometimes when they are that young, they don't want the formula. They want their mother's milk so it can be challenging for any rescuer that's bottle feeding a neonate," Bryanna told Love Meow.

Tofuti latched on the first time and started to suckle down the food.

LemonAide Rescue

"The first time I bottle fed him he had a great suckle," Bryanna said. That's when she knew that the little guy was going to be OK.

Today, Tofuti is doing well in foster care, eating like a champ and getting stronger by the day. "He is so soft, and he loves his belly rubs," Bryanna told Love Meow.

LemonAide Rescue

Despite his rough beginning, Tofuti has been fighting to live, and over the past few days, he has reached many milestones.

"He just started purring for the first time yesterday."

LemonAide Rescue

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