3-week-old Orphaned Kitten Size of a Newborn, Fights to Grow Big and Strong.

3-week-old Orphaned Kitten Size of a Newborn, Fights to Grow Big and Strong.


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A tiny kitten was found along with her sister without a mother in sight. When she came to the shelter, she was just the size of a newborn kitten.

Her name is Nakia, and the tiny kitty is determined to live despite the odds.

Mini Cat Town

Last Friday, Mini Cat Town, a rescue group in San Jose, California, took in a few rescue kitties from the San Jose Animal Care Center. Among them, Nakia and her sister were severely malnourished. Her sister didn't survive the night due to a fatal seizure, but Nakia hung in there, fighting to live.

"We rushed Nakia to the vet the next morning to make sure she would be okay. Thankfully, the vet didn't find anything else wrong, other than hair loss from malnourishment," Thoa Bui, co-founder of Mini Cat Town, told Love Meow.

Nakia weighed just 3.5 ounces (99 grams) at three weeks old (when she should be around 10 ounces), as much as the newborn kittens at the rescue.

Mini Cat Town

"We made a special formula for her, that involves turkey baby food, kitten formula, and a mixture of water and pedialyte, to hydrate her and help her gain weight."

With each feeding, the kitten started to get stronger.

Mini Cat Town

"As soon as she started standing and walking on her own (a couple days ago), we knew she would be OK," Thoa told Love Meow.

Thoa and her two sisters, Thi and Tram, custom made tiny kitten onesies to help keep her warm. "She's lost all of the fur on her stomach and back legs. It will take a bit of time to grow back, but we'll keep her warm in the mean time."

Mini Cat Town

Nakia purrs up a storm whenever her humans are with her. She loves snuggles and finishes her meals like a champ.

Napping with a cuddly kitty.

Mini Cat Town

"Within a few days, she started perking up and now she's doing really well. She runs circles around us and purrs loudly," Thoa told Love Meow.

Rosie the resident cat came to give little Nakia some much-needed TLC.

Mini Cat Town

The mini panther kitty is working hard to grow big and strong.

In just a few days, she's put on weight and gained lots of strength.

Mini Cat Town

Yesterday, little Nakia reached a new milestone by walking laps around her human friends. She's getting more playful and adventurous every day.

"She's gained enough strength to climb out of her carrier during meal time and eating like a horse! We are incredibly proud of her."

Mini Cat Town

Follow Nakia's updates and Mini Cat Town on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch Nakia in this cute video:

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