Nicolai the Dangerously Cute Rescued Kitten

Nicolai the Dangerously Cute Rescued Kitten


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Written by ©Demitria.

Nicolai is the newest addition to the home we share with 4 other cats and 3 dogs. He was abandoned on our shop foreman's porch at approximately 4 to 5 weeks of age, obviously someone's throw-away, he was very people "friendly" right from the start. Three of our adult cats were rescued as kittens from a feral colony and ferals definitely do not sit at the door and meow for you to let them in.

Our shop foreman and his wife have an elderly rescued Chihuahua named Corn Dog who has some health issues and they were unable to keep Nicolai. Since I was in TWO leg casts from a fall I took down the stairs breaking up a raucous cat and mouse "party" in September, I resisted going over to their house to have a "quick peek" at the kitten for about four days. But as soon as I saw him, He came home with us that day.

He has tripled his weight in a month from 12 ounces to 2 pounds and 4 ounces and also has a huge appetite for life. Tenacious, fearless and more than a little bit cocky, we have decided that there is a nation somewhere waiting for him to grow up and become dictator. The adult cats attempt to teach him manners but he wears them down and we have had to do more than a little bit of protecting them from tiny Nico. Our adult son refuses to call him Nico or Nicolai. He has dubbed him "Danger Kitty" :)

Photos courtesy of ©Demitria (flickr: currentclassics, Demitria's website)

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