Nora the Homeless Kitten Found New Home

Nora the Homeless Kitten Found New Home


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A little kitten found her way to a man named Keisuke. She was very tiny, hungry, and dirty. Keisuke could smell the stench from the little body. He took her into his home right away and welcomed her with food and comfort. He named her Nora.

The next day Keisuke took Nora to the vet. After careful examination, the vet estimated that Nora was approximately three weeks old, infested with fleas, but was otherwise healthy. Nora had a really good appetite and she was putting on weight quickly each day.

In less than 2 weeks, Nora moved into a wonderful forever home where she is very loved and spoiled. To Keisuke, nothing is more rewarding than seeing Nora in a loving home that she so deserves.

Photos courtesy of ©Keisuke.


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