Oscar the Playful, Mischievous Fuzzball

Oscar the Playful, Mischievous Fuzzball


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Sandy started looking to bring home a little kitten when she thought it would be nice for her cat Fei to have someone keep him company when she is not around. Then one day Sandy found Oscar, a fuzzy little guy with large eyes. It was love at first sight. Sandy knew right away that little Oscar would be coming home with her.

Oscar was a tiny little furball at the time, but the little boy has more audacity than any adult cats. He had no fear and was always curious. In no time, Oscar felt right at home with his new family and a new buddy named Fei.

Oscar was curious about everything in the house. While Fei liked to watch him acting wild from afar, he would pounce on Fei to show him he was bigger than what others might think he was.

It's been two months since Oscar came to his new home. He's grown bigger and fluffier, looking more like his best furiend Fei. The two run the house together and share every moment with each other.

Photos courtesy of ©Sandy.

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