Otto the Fuzzy Little Rescued Kitty

Otto the Fuzzy Little Rescued Kitty


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Ashley Tarr adopted Otto from a local animal shelter when he was 10 weeks old. "Now he's seven months. He is growing so fast and becoming quite fluffy. We know he's part Siamese, but not sure what else," said Ashley.

Otto is quite the character. Not only does he love to play with ice cubes, buttons and bouncy balls, he loves playing and taking naps in the bathtub as if the tub is made just for him.

Otto is living with another cat named Sofia and a loving Russel Terrier, Jack. "He absolutely loves pestering her (Sofia) when she is sleeping," said Ashley. However, when it comes to nap time, Otto sometimes becomes a little magnet to Jack and cuddles him to sleep. It's just the sweetest thing.

Otto has brought a lot of joy and fun to his family. He is very loved and spoiled by his humans and furry buddies.

Photos courtesy of ©Ashley Tarr (flickr: ashley_tarr).

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