Paralyzed Kitten Couldn't Believe it When She Took Her First Steps...

Paralyzed Kitten Couldn't Believe it When She Took Her First Steps...


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A tiny paralyzed kitten couldn't believe it when she took her first steps after she was saved from a storm drain.

Meet Talleyrand the kitten!

Humane Rescue Alliance

A little kitten was found at the bottom of a storm drain, meowing for help. When Animal Control Officer Michael Stern arrived on the scene to reports, he realized that something was wrong with her legs.

The 2-month old tuxedo kitten had no movement in her hind legs or tail. Stern got the kitten out to safety and brought her to the Humane Rescue Alliance (in Washington, DC) where X-rays confirmed that she was paralyzed after falling down the storm drain and the injuries were untreated for several days.

After Talleyrand arrived in the shelter, she couldn't move her hind quarters.

Humane Rescue Alliance

The kitten couldn't walk or use the litter box on her own, but she wasn't giving up, and neither were her rescuers. Every time she was given a medical exam or treatment, she purred up a storm and thanked the staff with snuggles.

They gave her a little ducky buddy to cuddle with.

Humane Rescue Alliance

Everyone is determined to help the little kitten regain the ability to use her legs again.

Dr. Meg Hamilton started acupuncture treatment on Talleyrand, and after about a month, the kitten began to experience feeling and movement in her hind feet and tail.

Humane Rescue Alliance

In additional to acupuncture, Talleyrand is "receiving electroacupuncture to help stimulate the nerves and to increase the effect from the acupuncture treatments."

"Talleyrand responded wonderfully and is walking and using her litterbox on her own," Humane Rescue Alliance said.

Humane Rescue Alliance

Little Talleyrand took her first steps!

She was so brave and so happy to be able to walk again.

Humane Rescue Alliance

She's well on her way to living a full life like any other cat. They expect Talleyrand to be able to walk on her own again.

It's amazing how far she's come! Look at her now!


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