Police Department Recruits a Cat From Shelter to Join Them and Help Keep the City Safe.


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When Port Lavaca Police Department in Port Lavaca, Texas decided that they needed a feline officer to help them manage their office and keep the city safe, they recruited a ginger and white cat from the shelter.

He was aptly named The Captain!

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

Last April, The Captain, a rescue cat, officially joined the police department after they adopted him from the Calhoun County Humane Society.

The Captain made himself right at home by lounging on the big couch as if he'd lived there all his life.

The ginger cat quickly fit into his new role as their very own police cat. He would jump in the inbox to remind the officers of their daily duties and watch the city from the second story window, keeping everyone safe.

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

The Captain, as his name implies, now runs the department and gets the utmost respect from everyone there.

Inspecting an officer's gear. The Captain is a purrfectionist!

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

They brought him his very own police uniform so he can run the crew like the true Captain that he is.

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

Every day he offers feline wisdom to officers at their computer.

The Captain makes himself available to anyone who needs a helping paw.

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

"Checking in to make sure reports are completed in a timely manner." - The Captain.

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

The Captain jumped into a cabinet for a quick impromptu feline inspection.

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

Taking a much-needed break from all the hard work.

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

The Captain greets everyone at the office with purrs and a few headbumps.

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

He gives beverage suggestions...

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

And he watches his colleagues to see if they are on a feline approved diet.

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

Ever since The Captain joined the crew, the police department's morale has gone up.

The kitty never fails to put a smile on people's faces.

The Captain @thecaptain_policecat

"Let me fix it for you!"

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