Probiotics for Cats

Probiotics for Cats


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Probiotics are a type of live microorganisms or good bacteria that helps maintain a healthy balance in your cat's gastrointestinal system. Prebiotics provide nutrients that probiotics need to grow. They are the non-digestible food that nourishes the good bacteria which helps remove bad bacteria off the digestive track.

Gastrointestinal track is the largest immune organ in a cat's body. Keeping it healthy will lead to a happy, healthy cat. Probiotics can enhance a cat's immune function and can be used to treat various digestive track conditions such as gas, loose stool, etc.

With a healthy gastrointestinal track, cats can absorb the proper minerals they need daily. However, Probiotics for cats are not the yogurt products humans consume. In fact, cats are lactose intolerant and may experience an upset stomach if they were to consume dairy products. Human food is never a good choice for your cats' diet.

There are many Probiotic supplements out there in the market. Dr. Goodpet is a good brand for digestive enzymes. Avoid those that contain lactose. Before you purchase any supplemental products, be sure to consult your veterinarian for the right product, correct dosage and feeding frequency for your cat.



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