Pudgy the Fluffy Kitty

Pudgy the Fluffy Kitty


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Pudgy is quite a character. He often helps mommy, Molly, with her paper works by sitting on them on the desk. He never uses his own beds, instead he sleeps anywhere he likes whether it is a laundry basket, the television or mom's bed.

Pudgy wakes up his mom early in the morning to tell her it's time for breakfast. Sometimes he will wait by the pillow and occasionally falls asleep right next to it.

Pudgy thinks there are things trapped in the television set and often feels the need to reach out his little paw to "rescue" them. When the TV is off, he perches on the TV, waiting for the things to come back on so he can hopefully grab them out of the box.

Pudgy is the love of Molly's life and her spoiled rotten little prince.

Photos courtesy of ©Molly.

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