Qiqi the Kitty Runs the House

Qiqi the Kitty Runs the House


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Qiqi may look like a little princess, she is treated like one. "Every morning she wakes me up at 6am sharp to remind me that it's food time. If I don't get up, she keeps meowing and nibbling on my face. Her persistant wake-up call is more effective than anything I have used to get me up in the morning," said Qiqi's dad, N.J..

"After she finishes eating, she licks her lips, does her after-meal meows and then starts to run back and forth the house like she owns it. We truly believe that she runs the roof of our home."

"Even though it's kind of tough to get up so early, life is wonderful with Qiqi. Every afternoon, she comes over to the couch, leaps on it, scans her staff (us), and then sits down in the most comfortable position and begins her nap. She can sleep for the entire afternoon. I wish I could be like her. What a comfortable and happy life that is."

"When Qiqi gets up from her nap, she goes straight back to running her house. It's hard not to fall for this silly and adorable little girl."

Photos courtesy of ©N.J..

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