Ready Or Not, Cat Has His First Snow Day

Ready Or Not, Cat Has His First Snow Day


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Meet Duke. The most badass cat around.

Straight chillin' ...So artsy, bruh!Sup, ladies.

Needless to say, he's a bro, a beast, and a stone-cold fox. So when it snowed, we decided to take this badass master of all things feline and otherwise out on his first snow day experience. Things didn't go as planned ...

At first there was a chance it could be majestic.

This shit's cold. Good thing I'm wearing my boots!Maybe I could get used to this majestic snow leopard look.Wait. Why am I getting wet? Is this a trick bath?!?Get me out of here, you sick monsters!!If I could think of a cat-themed Guantanamo Bay pun, it'd go here.You saved me. I still hate you, though.

As you can see, the coolest cat in the world finally met his match ....

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