Rescue Calico Cat Gives Motherly Love To 6 Orphan Kittens

Rescue Calico Cat Gives Motherly Love To 6 Orphan Kittens


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A rescue cat mama named Chaos took to a litter of six orphan kittens who lost their own mother. She already has kittens of her own, but as soon as she laid eyes on the orphan kittens, she took them in right away as if they were her own.

Story by Tenth Life:

Just a little over a week after [mama Chaos and her three kittens'] arrival at Tenth Life, we received another heartbreaking call: a woman had found a dead cat in her yard. 24 hours later, she heard tiny mews coming from under her porch. The kitty she had found was a mama to six 10-day-old babies! We knew we had to help these poor, orphaned kittens.

Knowing that Chaos’ kittens and these new ones were nearly the same age, we thought we’d see if Chaos would accept them. What followed at the foster home brought us to tears:

We carried the box of orphaned kittens into the room where Chaos was feeding her own babies. When she heard the new babies’ cries for their lost mama, Chaos was instantly on alert. We carefully placed the box of kittens about five feet away from her and stayed near, wanting to keep the babies safe in case she rejected them. Chaos bee-lined to the box and peered inside with genuine concern. We placed one kitten in the bed near Chaos, and she immediately grabbed the baby by her scruff and laid her by her own baby. She came back for another and then settled down to feed the two. Hearing the others’ cries for help, Chaos appeared concerned about them but did not want to leave the two she already had. We spared her stress and brought the remaining kittens to her. She readily accepted them, cleaning and feeding them immediately. Surrounded by nine kittens, Chaos looked exhausted but also pleased with her job well done. We were deeply touched by her display of love and ultimate maternal care.

In the interest of not overexerting poor Chaos and her amazing maternal kindness, we moved a few kittens to other foster homes for bottle-feeding. The babies remaining in her care have seamlessly blended into one big family, and the foster family lovingly supplements Chaos’ milk supply with the formula our supporters so generously donated.

We are smitten with this family (now Bedlam, Calamity, Muddle, Melee, Topsy, Turvy, Fizzle, Mina, and Harker), but are also overwhelmingly awestruck by the amazing mama-cat that sweet Chaos is.

Chaos the mama nursing her own kittens and adopted kittens

Tiny fuzzy ones came to Tenth life with eyes that hadn't opened

One of the six orphan kittens that Chaos adopted.

Volunteers help Chaos to nurse the babies

They are in good care of Chaos the mama cat and volunteers at Tenth Life

Photos by Tenth Life. (Follow their story on Facebook).

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