Rescue Cat Helps Save Sick Little Lamb and Nurses Him Back to Health


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A rescue cat became the guardian angel to an orphaned lamb and helped nurse him back to health.

Meet Dora the cat and Charlie the lamb.

Courtesy: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

A sickly little lamb came to Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary (in Kingston, Ontario) for a second chance at life. "He was our Christmas miracle, born on the winter solstice," Carla Reilly Moore, co-founder of Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary, told Love Meow.

Charlie was named after Charlie Brown, the underdog. He was found online at two days old as an orphan. After Charlie was rescued, an organization called Critter Cabs safely transported him to his new home.

He arrived at Happy Tails Farm very ill and was covered in filth. "We did not know if he would make it."

Carla and her husband Harry would not give up without a fight. They cared for him around the clock and nursed him back to health, but that wouldn't have been possible without their little assistant, Dora the cat, who is also a rescue.

Courtesy: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Little Dora was just 4 1/2 weeks old when Carla found her in a ditch in front of their house.

"We do not know how she got there," Carla told Love Meow. "We brought her in, warmed her up and got her healthy."

Courtesy: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

When Dora met Charlie, the two developed an instant bond.

"They had an instant connection. Like it was always meant to be."

Courtesy: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

The road to recovery was not easy for little Charlie. After he had his surgery, Dora wouldn't leave his side. She stayed by his crate until he woke up and came out to play.

Despite their differences, they seem to understand one another and always look out for each other.

Courtesy: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Charlie is in love with his feline best friend.

Courtesy: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Dora is like a protective big sister, watching over her little brother every step of the way.

Courtesy: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

"Dora and Charlie have a kinship now, both animals were in dire need, and both animals were taken in by us, both animals were brought back to health," Carla told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Together they found their forever loving home at Happy Tails Farm.

Courtesy: Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary

Charlie wants attention from Dora, so Dora gives him a few kisses :).

Watch this adorable video:

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