Cat Living at Vet's Office Calms Scared and Injured Animals... (with Updates)

Cat Living at Vet's Office Calms Scared and Injured Animals... (with Updates)


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A little former stray kitten has taken up a very special role at an animal hospital. Whenever he sees scared and injured animals, he offers comfort, helping them heal.

Meet Ron the kitten!

Northfield Veterinary Hospital

Ron, a six-month-old kitten, was rescued along with three other kittens from a feral cat colony.

Jen Weston, co-owner of Northfield Veterinary Hospital (Denver) shared that when a highly aggressive and anxious cat came to them, who would not let anyone near his carrier, Ron hopped on top, and within minutes the cat started purring and playing with Ron, and even let the vets treat him afterwards.

It was then the staff at the hospital noticed this ginger boy's very special talent to calm animals in distress. They called him the "therapy cat."

Northfield Veterinary Hospital

He may be little, but he has a big heart for others.

"Ron doubles as a therapy cat to keep our dental patients warm. The dental is on our technician's pup." Jen said.

Northfield Veterinary Hospital

This nurturing ginger boy happily offers cuddles and his purr power if the animals' owners are ok with him being around.

Ron is eager to offer some love and TLC to the furry patients.

Northfield Veterinary Hospital

Now these furry patients wake up from surgery with little Ron snuggling next to them purring away.

He is there for them through tough times and helps them heal with his magical powers and occasional cat massages.

Northfield Veterinary Hospital

Ron has surprised everyone with his incredible healing power towards animals in need. This little ginger boy has so much love to give!

Northfield Veterinary Hospital

Ron comforts a patient by giving them a good grooming.


Three and a half months later, Ron headed off to live with his forever family, who, needed his comfort as much as the patients at the hospital did.

"He lives with a family who has a young child and an older dog, and needless to say, they all love Ron," Sandel told thedodo. "The older dog is usually a bit cranky around other animals, and even she will cuddle with Ron."

Northfield Veterinary Hospital

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