Rescue Cat Mama Nursing Her 8 Kittens: 7 Calico Girls, 1 Boy


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This rescue momma cat is nursing her 8 kittens: 7 calico girls and 1 boy.

"The mother was grey and all the babies came out calico colored! The only boy in the litter is the black and white one with the goatee," said Rachel, the foster mom.

"She was found outside feral with a litter of kittens she could not take care of," Rachel said.

The cat mama was having a hard time caring for all 8 kittens and needed some help to raise her babies.

"All kittens in the litter survived!" she added.

WATCH VIDEO: Busy mama cat feeding her 8 kittens.

Rescue cat mama was found along with her 8 kittens: 7 calico girls and 1 boy.

8 very hungry babies. They all survived and thrived!

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