Rescue Kitten Came to Family with Blue Eyes but Ended Up with Beautiful Odd Eyes


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Little Yuki, a rescue kitty, came to her new home with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes but ended up with two beautiful odd eyes. "In Japan, it is said that odd-eye cats lead to happiness," the family wrote.

When the family from Japan found the tiny abandoned white kitten, they couldn't resist. She cried for help and her cat mama was nowhere to be found. They knew they had to take her in.

Yuki scarfing down her first meal at her new home. [Scroll down for video]

Yuki was still a baby and didn't seem to be weaned. They got her kitten formula and some wet food. After filling up her belly, she became the happiest kitty she had ever been.

As she grew bigger, they started to notice that only one of her eyes changed colors, and Yuki became a gorgeous odd-eyed cat. "In Japan, it is said that the cat of odd-eye brings luck," they wrote.

[Scroll down for video]

Watch video: Yuki's first meal at her new home.

Watch video: This is Yuki all grown up. Look at those beautiful odd eyes!

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