rescue persian cat 6 months later

Persian Cat Rescued from Street Finally Living Up to Her Name After 6 Months


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After 6 months of love, care and healing, this kitty found in the street returns to her real self and is now truly living up to her name.

Meet Cotton Candy!

YouTube/Beshar AL Azzawi

In September 2015, a couple spotted an abandoned Persian cat barely hanging on at a residential compound. The kitty was just skin and bones, vying desperately for survival.

"We knew that Cotton Candy had little or no chance to make it on her own... (so) we decided to rescue and take care of her until we could find her a new home," the couple said.

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YouTube/Beshar AL Azzawi

She was in very bad shape, but when they started petting her, she began to purr.

YouTube/Beshar AL Azzawi

And started to eat :).

YouTube/Beshar AL Azzawi

They took the cat to the vet to remove all the matts that had been bothering her. The kitty was also dewormed, vaccinated, treated for ear mites, microchipped and later on, spayed.

"It took 4 visits to the vet and 3 months for her to recover. Then she joined the little lion pride in our house (with three other rescue cats)."

YouTube/Beshar AL Azzawi

Getting better and stronger every day!

YouTube/Beshar AL Azzawi

She is now an active, playful kitty who loves to cuddle.

Her coat has returned to her original glory and she is as affectionate and lovey as she can be.

YouTube/Beshar AL Azzawi

YouTube/Beshar AL Azzawi

We are happy to report that the kitty has found her forever loving home!

YouTube/Beshar AL Azzawi

Watch the video here: (the kitty has been adopted)

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