Rescue Story of Stitch and Mallow

Rescue Story of Stitch and Mallow


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Stitch & Mallow are about 2 years old. They were found in an abandoned building while Heather was having her photography class outside in her town. "We have a section of our town that used to be an 'Indian school' (back when that type of thing was going on) It is all abandoned buildings now, that's where I found them, along with their tortoiseshell sister who I found a good home for," said Heather.

"I found stitch first, he ran away into a hole in the base of the building that had a huge drop off at the end, so I snatched him up as fast as I could so that he wouldn't fall or jump and be trapped down there. I left the photography class early so that I could take him home. I fed the rest of his family for a couple of weeks until I was able to catch Motley (his sister) who I found a home for, and by the time I found Mallow it was starting to frost and his poor little ears were frost bitten."

"My husband didn't like the idea of me keeping Mallow (we already had 3 cats) but I told him that I couldn't give him away because he and Stitch were a matching pair. :) Mallow is an independent little guy, but can be a lover when he wants to. Stitch on the other hand has a really unique personality. he is super sweet and when he is happy he walks on his tiptoes like a little dancer. He stands on his hind legs and waits to be petted too. They do cuddle like the photo all the time in winter. Stitch is the one with the bigger head, mallow has the little scar on his nose."

Photos courtesy of ©Heather (flickr: Heather's Camera).

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