Rescued Kitten Found Forever Home with Foster Parent

Rescued Kitten Found Forever Home with Foster Parent


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Butterfly, a beautiful fluffy kitty was picked up from a feral colony by a kind lady who frequents the area to feed feral and stray cats. She named this fuzzy kitty Butterfly because his markings resemble those of a butterfly. The kind lady found him a home that she thought would be permanent. Unfortunately, that was not the case and he was returned. The kind lady was very worried because she would be out of town soon, so  she found her friend Furla who agreed right away to foster the little kitty until they found a perfect home for him.

When he arrived in his foster home, he was about the size of a tennis shoe. He was not picky about food and ran straight towards the feeding bowl, chowing down whatever that was in there while singing the "nom nom" song as if he was really enjoying it.

Over the course of a week, Furla and Butterfly really bonded. She was so touched by his sweet nature and endless affection. Butterfly completely won her over, and she thought she had to keep him. They gave him his first bath and welcomed him into his forever loving home.

Butterfly is a body magnet who loves to sit on Furla's lap and stay for a long time. He gets along with anyone even humans he's never met.  It's been more than 4 years since Butterfly moved in with Furla. He's grown into a fluffy big kitty who is very loved and spoiled.

Photos courtesy of ©Toggie and ©Elanor.

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