Rescued Kittens and Cat Mama Need a Forever Home

Rescued Kittens and Cat Mama Need a Forever Home


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Written by ©Gregg (flickr: gregglewa).

I found the two kittens and mom in a box near where I parked my car on a chilly night in September. I saw little faces peeking above the box. I walked over and saw the word, 'free' written with a marker on the box. We took them in and kept them separated from our tabby cat, as we weren't sure about their health. The poor things were quite skinny, especially mom.

The next day, we went to the shelter, and they told us that they would not take the kittens because they were too small. They did give them vaccinations and flea meds. Mom could not get vaccinations as she was still nursing. Mom was dewormed, and they gave us medicine for the kittens to give them in a week.

So we took them home, checked with our apartment managers, who gave us the OK to keep them for a while, as we already were at the two pet maximum. We also asked them check and see if anyone wanted a kitten! Our cat, Martha, was not so friendly to the kittens, or mom cat. The mother was very protective, and soon had our border collie cowering.

The two brothers are model kitizens, playing, eating, sleeping. They love to wrestle. The brown and white one, despite being smaller, was much more adventurous. He would climb on things, climb off and explore more. Mom has not gained much weight yet, but she was eating everything in site and still nursing.

Because we were not able to keep them in the apartment for a long time, we had to bring them into the shelter. However, we are keeping track of them, ready to swoop in in case nobody adopts the little guys and mom. We hope one day to have a nice home, with cat features in some rooms. Have you seen the Japanese homes designed with cats in mind? That is a goal for us someday.

They are now at the Southwest Washington Humane Society (in Vancouver, Washington), getting neutered and awaiting someone to go "I want that one!"

Photos courtesy of ©Gregg (flickr: gregglewa)

The mom and the kittens are looking for their forever loving home. If you are interested in adopting them, please contact the shelter or let us know. Feel free to share the story and spread the word. Thank you.

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