Ritter the Lovely Tabby

Ritter the Lovely Tabby


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Ritter a beautiful little tabby has come a long way since he was taken in by Fredericton SPCA (Canada) along with his mother, Martha and 2 other siblings.

He was very shy and a bit skittish when he first arrived in his foster home. The little tabby wanted nothing to do with the humans and was not willing to be touched or picked up. Jill Hudgins, Ritter's foster mom patiently spent five weeks to bond with the little one.

Each day he became more friendly and playful. It was a long process, but every time Ritter opened up a little more, it was extremely rewarding. Now he is the happiest little kitty who is having the time of his life.

Ritter the big brother of the group was adopted to a forever loving home.

Photos courtesy of Jill Hudgins (flickr: jillhudgins), Fredericton SPCA’s page.

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