Rose the Stray Mama and Her Two Girls

Rose the Stray Mama and Her Two Girls


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Rose, the little homeless stray cat mama found the right place to have her babies. "Kind cat-lovers helped her out as she was giving birth to her two little offspring," said Robin Olson.

The babies were born on August 1st, 2008. Poppy is the white one with spots and Daisy is the silver tabby with white paws. Just 9 days old Poppy did not have her eyes open yet, but her sister Daisy was already starting to see. They both loved the stuffed cat that Robin gave them and often fell asleep on top of it.

"I was working on socializing Poppy when she just made herself at home on my shoulder and fell asleep. I was her cat bed for about an hour. During that time, I got to see her dream, as she twitched and wriggled in my arms. This is one sweet kitty."

"Poppy and Daisy were adopted by a very nice couple. They'll be spending their life together. I couldn't have wished for a better outcome for these two beautiful kitties. I STILL miss them both very much." A month after Poppy and Daisy went to their forever home, Rose the cat mama was also adopted.

Photos courtesy of ©Robin Olson (flickr: KitschKat, Robin's blog: Covered in Cat Hair).

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