Sadie The Office Cat

Sadie The Office Cat


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Sadie was brought in to the Cat Doctor one day, and her owners never came back. After months of searching for them, it was clear that Sadie was abandoned. While helping her find a new home, everyone in the office fell in love and knew that they had to adopt her. She became their very own office cat.

"Sadie is my office cat. When I arrive in the morning, she jumps on my desk and proceeds to alternately head-butt me while purring and growl and try to bite me. She will not go away until she gets treats," said The Cat Doctor via reddit.

"She was brought in to board, but the owners gave false contact information.... The people who abandoned her also left their other cat, who was a Bengal. Sadie is a domestic shorthair, she just has a lot of attitude."

"After months of trying to contact them, sending a certified letter, etc... We tried to adopt her out. Sadie is a little intense for most people. She's been available for adoption for at least three years now. I think she's a permanent resident unless someone really special comes along."

Sadie the office cat will not let the staff go until she gets treats


She was brought into The Cat Doctor by her owners one day, but they never came back for her.

She is a very needy girl, always demands love.

The Cat Doctor adopted her and made her their very own office cat.


Photos by The Cat Doctor (follow them on Facebook).

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