Sally the Sweet Rescue Cat with a "Lazy" Eye and So Much to Love!


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This incredibly sweet cat is named Sally. She has one "lazy" eye and a few missing teeth. When she came to Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society in Rochester, NY as a surrendered stray, she stole everyone's heart with her lovable personality.

Sally, 7 years old now, is quite healthy despite having an unusual eye. "Our veterinarians do not believe her eye will require medications or treatment. It doesn't appear to cause Sally any pain or trouble for her at this point," the shelter wrote.

Sally's googly-eye gives us even more to love, and she can't get enough of all the cuddles and loving.

"We're happy to tell you she was officially adopted this afternoon!"

Meet Sally, a 7 year-old rescue stray with a "lazy" eye and a lovable personality!

When she came to the Lollypop Farm, she stole everyone's heart. 

Sally is quite healthy despite her unusual eye and a few missing teeth.

Her googly-eye gives us even more to love.

Photos by Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester. Follow them on Facebook.

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