Shelter Cat with Injured Leg Now Has Only Days Left to Find a Home

Shelter Cat with Injured Leg Now Has Only Days Left to Find a Home


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A shelter worker saved a cat with a broken leg from being put down. Cristina Garcia, a compassionate animal lover stopped another employee and begged to give Nemo the cat more time. Now this orange and white cat has only a few days left to find a home.

Photo by John Hwang

When Nemo came to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, California, he was just 11 months old with a badly injured front leg.

Garcia knew he was special when they met on day one. Nemo quickly warmed up to her and even jumped up on her shoulder from his cage with his cast to get her attention. The two formed a special bond.

Photo by John Hwang

"This is Nemo, my sweet little boy, and he absolutely loves people! But I'm really worried about him. He only has a few days left..." she said. (Facebook)

She pleaded to her coworkers to spare his life and give him more time.

Now the shelter has updated Nemo's file to hold him until December 11, 2015, but his fate is still uncertain unless someone steps up to help.

Photo by John Hwang

"My heart just breaks for each of them. I know I'm supposed to be here, to help them as much as I can," Garcia told John Hwang, photographer, who shot the photos of Nemo.

"As we walked together throughout the shelter, I saw how much the animals loved her, and how much she genuinely loved and cared for them," Hwang said.

"I can't imagine what these poor babies go through, and I've been in here for only a few minutes. I already feel claustrophobic" Cristina told Hwang as she gently soothed a scared dog inside his kennel.

Photo by John Hwang

"During her lunch break, she's often found spending time with her furry friends. Today she shared her apples with a potbelly pig, affectionately named Pumba," Hwang said.

Photo by John Hwang

Garcia's passion for animals has saved little Nemo's life and now he needs our help to find a forever home so he can be saved once more!

Photo by John Hwang

Nemo can be adopted at the shelter or saved by a rescue. You can visit the website here or contact the shelter at (626) 962-3577. His animal ID number is A4901145.

Update: Nemo has been adopted!!! 

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