Sicca and Her New Forever Home

Sicca and Her New Forever Home


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A man from Japan was walking his dog one day in July and saw a box on the street unattended. He heard crying from the box so decided to investigate. What he saw was a litter of five little kittens only two weeks old left in the box alone. He rescued the kittens and started finding homes for them. Yoko Tanji whose cat passed away last year had been looking for a new addition to the family. When she and her husband, Hiroshi, learned about the kittens, they went for a visit right away.

As soon as they saw the little mackerel tabby, they knew they would take her home. They named her Sicca the third. "We decided to take care of her and raise her." They nursed the tiny fur baby and she thrived under their care and a plethora of love. Very quickly all the kittens had found their forever loving homes.

She is playful and full of energy. When Yoko uses the computer, she will try to help by wiping her paws on the screen and biting and wrestling with the keyboard.

Though Sicca had a rough beginning, she was given a second chance at life and she enjoys it to the fullest.

Photos courtesy of ©Yoko Tanji (flickr: Sicca) and ©Hiroshi Saito (flickr: Hiroshi Saito). Check out more pictures of Sicca at their flickr pages.

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